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Towing Trouble

August 19th, 2020, 3:11 pm

(I posted this on a different, and quite old, thread, so I thought I might get more response if it was a new thread.)

Well, it was good while it lasted!

I posted last fall how happy I was with the Reese 51194 Class II hitch I had just mounted on my '08 Mariner. :yes:

Unfortunately, I guess that 10 years of salty midwest winters has taken its toll, and, this past weekend, as I started out to the county yard waste site with a load of branches and several bins of shredded leaves & branches in my little 4x6x1 trailer, the rear-most bolts of the hitch mount ripped through the rusted beams, and the ball & tongue sagged to the road. :shock:

Fortunately, I was only about a mile and a half from house, and still on city street, slowing for a stoplight, and NOT on the highway! That would have been :fan:

So, I detached trailer, pulled it off the road, got the hitch dismounted, and made two trips carrying all the stuff INside the 'car', and then got neighbor to pull the empty trailer home for me. :kneel:

SO, currently thinking how much I had used the trailer in the last 9 months (which was quite a bit!), and what options I might have, other than getting another vehicle. (Still haven't gotten rid of the one that died, leading to my getting this one...)

Anyone out there have any thoughts on the viability of getting some reinforcement plates bolted in back there?

Would appreciate any insights.


Re: Towing Trouble

September 11th, 2020, 10:53 pm

It's going to be hard to put in plates that don't interfere with the hitch itself, and whether that would even work will depend how extensive the corrosion is on the rest of your frame. And, at nearly 13 years, one has to imagine there's other corrosion. Better get it all looked over before you spend on it. Good luck.
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