Hybrid acceleration issues

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Hybrid acceleration issues

Postby Aerostarnes97 - September 13th, 2020, 10:58 pm

Hi all,

I loved my 07 Hybrid until I started having issues with it. It started a year ago, happened once, then not again until 6 months later, when it became more frequent. The issue is that while accelerating, I lose rpms infrequently. The engine will accelerate fine until 4,000 rpms, and then it will feel like it’s stumbling and the rpms dip to 2,500 or so. I lose acceleration power, and the the rpms will climb back to 4,000 and all will be normal. The mechanic I took it to said it was something to do with the transmission/battery, but said it needed to go to the dealer. I ended up buy an ‘09 Escape, so I haven’t put time or money into it. It would be nice if I could figure what’s wrong to give a better idea to someone buying it from me, but I may or may not fix it depending on cost. Should I take it to the dealer? Or just sell it as is.... any ideas?

It has 135,000 miles, FYI.
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