2010 MMH- coolant change(s)?

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2010 MMH- coolant change(s)?

Postby buckyswider - June 5th, 2021, 11:51 am

Hi all, I bought a 2010 MMH about 4 years ago with about 120K mi. I'm now about 165K.

The kid starts college in FLA in August- so I've got to get his dorm stuff there (and me back) from PA.

Other than oil, I have done no fluid maintenance on it during my ownership reign. Taking it into my mechanic Monday to get the CVT fluid and PTC oil changed. Wondering if I should ask him to do either the engine coolant and/or the electronics coolant (whatever that is called)? Also is there anything else I should be thinking of?

I'll admit that other than oil and fixing stuff when it breaks, I've semi-neglected the maintenance on this. I didn't expect to have this at this point- I was waiting for the Model Y to hit the street and was saving for that. But now I've got to keep my "Tesla Fund" in reserve for college money in these uncertain economic times. If all goes well, I should be confident enough to buy the Y in a year or two, but for now I'm gotta make sure my MMH can make 1000 mile round trips in August and May of each year.

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