Muth Signal Mirrors

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Muth Signal Mirrors

Postby GatorJ - February 18th, 2018, 2:06 pm

(Copied and pasted from another thread.)

I had Muth signal mirrors on both my 2002 FE and my 2006 FEH. I absolutely loved them...relatively easy install and made a noticeable difference when attempting to change lanes, especially during my rush hour interstate commute.

I recently purchased a low mileage 2009 Escape Limited Hybrid and Muth mirrors were the first mod I ordered.

To address Tang's inquiry first, they are available in red or amber at the same price. I opted for red.

The instructions that came with the mirror indicated there were two methods to install them...either free floating or to pry the factory mirrors off of the original backing plates and reuse the factory plates plates with the Muth mirrors. For the reasons JPark stated, I wanted to install them with the factory backing plates...a more finished look and more support for the glass.

That's what I wanted to do. Problem is, however, the Muth mirrors are not cut to fit the factory backing plates. The glass is a bit larger in places and shaped differently in places as well. So free floating it was.

Wiring them is a bit more daunting on my 09 as well. On the 01-07 mirrors, you simply tied into the turn signal wires in the bundle that runs behind the driver's kick panel. Super easy. On my 09 you have to tie them into the turn signal wires at the Smart Junction Box. Muth shows the location and wire colors in their instructions, but according to the Ford factory wiring manual there are three potential locations and three sets of wire colors depending on time of vehicle production and Muth's instructions only show one.. Another complication is that you can't reach the turn signal wires through the access door on the passenger side of the have to remove the entire cover of the center console to get to them. Not super difficult, but a bit daunting.

After this, I reached out to Muth and sent them pictures so they could see the difference in size and shape of their glass and the factory backing plates. They responded promptly and stated the mirrors were intended to be installed free floating and NOT with the backing plates. (So much for their directions, I guess.) I've also sent them scans of the factory wiring manual along with tracings of the factory mirror (I broke one removing it) and the factory backing plates. I'm curious to see if they reach back out to me and/or change anything.

That being said...I LOVE these mirrors. For my commute, they are well worth the cost, the installation challenges and the fact they are not cut perfectly for the OEM mirror housings.
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Re: Muth Signal Mirrors

Postby Squirrel - February 9th, 2020, 2:22 pm

I can only find motorcycle mirrors. :pics:
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