Strut tower brace installed

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Re: Strut tower brace installed

Postby vpasla1 - July 13th, 2020, 2:23 pm

Illyria69 wrote:
vpasla1 wrote:I installed it in late 2018, the same bar in the picture you posted. I believe I had to widen one hole on each side.

Thanks for the reply.
Re: the hole you widened: Was it one of the main four holes for the strut bolts? I PM'd the seller and he said it was for some different "small hole"??
Hmmm that makes me hesitant to buy one, as I am not sure i have the tools nor the DIY ability to widen holes and whatnot.

I just want to make the Escape a bit less rolly-polly. I might just go with some KYB Struts when the time comes for new struts and hope that might be enough... It's a bummer the SB is not a direct fit without having to widen holes...

I think it was for one or two small holes on each side. It's been too long to remember.

Regardless though, every hole has to clear for it to align and fit. I believe I just used a metal drill bit to widen one side of the hole as needed.

However, I found it definitely improved the handling.
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