2011 SAP with small lift

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2011 SAP with small lift

Postby becausebear - October 18th, 2018, 8:34 pm

Hey everyone. Lurker here. With the info scattered around this forum I have finally finished my escape. for now..

This was a fun but challenging journey. I could not have done it without EC.

*2x 2" strut spacers $40
*2x1.5" strut spacers $40
*4x H&R 1" hub centric spacers $286
*2x 30mm lift rear springs from OME $178
*4x Dynapro ATM 245/70/17 $534
*Tuner (already owned) $~400
*Tunes from Torrie $150
*Tire mounting/ balancing $120
*Alignment $65
*2x Case of Molson Canadian
*Total investment: $1,413
YMMV, as I did most the labor myself, and already owned a tuner device.

The original goal was taller tires and a more aggressive stance, and with that I began searching around as to how to lift the E.
Originally I had intended to use 2" spacers, but came across a few stories of body roll and CV issues. There is still one 2" spacer on the escape however! Deciding that I wanted to heed the warnings I opted to also lift the rear, which is up just over an inch thanks to OME.

Test fitting parts I came across a slight issue- my Escape leans to the drier side. ??? Turns out that's very, very common on these trucks. My neighbor's does, which was my immediate go to. Then I hit up a used Ford dealer and behold, all of the E's there do as well. About half an inch lean to the driver's side in the front. I asked my local trusted Ford mechanic and it turns out if you voiced this when you bought the Escape they would shim the front strut tower to compensate for the lean. Yes, they would use a strut spacer factory! So my first plan was to fab up a half inch spacer, stick it on top of the 2"er that was going on, and be done.

Can't be that easy, no no no. With the 1.1" in the back due to OME springs, the 2" on the passenger strut, and the 2.5" on the driver, under heavy acceleration you could hear and feel the CV joint rotating over itself. I had stretched the axle farther than it could give. So off come the spacers. The 2" ended up being reused on the driver side, without the spacer I made, and I ordered a set of 1.5" spacers from the same company that i got the first set from. Perfect!

With the 2" on the driver, the 1.5" on the passenger, and the rear coming up 1.1" the E is perfectly level. Both front wheel wells are 34" from the pavement exactly, and the rears are both 35" flat. No more lean!

I also threw on two sets of H&R 1" Hub centric spacers to give the E a little wider of a footprint. Even with the lift, the wider stance gives the truck a better handlng feel than before! The rubber sticks out about 1/8" with the spacers. Before the wider tires it was all perfectly flush wit the fender. Mounting the spacers did require shortening the stock studs about 1/4", just past the unthreaded portion.

To finish up the lift, and the look, I went with Dynapro ATM's in 245/70/17. These tires are a tad wider than stock, and a good amount taller. They did rub slightly at first, but after a front end alignment the rubbing went away. Very happy with that.

Some things to note;
after the strut spacers went on, my sway bar links were too long to connect to the sway bar. Out came the metabo and off came 2"s from each. Welded them back together and back on they went. Should anyone not have access to a welder and a cut off wheel, sourcing shorter links is a good idea. Drove the truck a whole 3 hours without the sway bar connected and it rolls like an early E series van.
With the taller tires my speedo, odo, and consequently my fuel milage gauge were all off. Way off. I happen to own an SCT Tuner, and I got in contact with Torrie over at Unleashed and got the flash set up to correct for the tire size, and as a bonus I don't have that sloppy shift into second anymore. We're still working out some kinks, the tune causes an engine light code to stay on, but we will have that sorted out eventually.

overall the truck rides a little stiffer, handles a world better, and looks a little cooler.

just thought I'd share my experience.


Oh, also. I used one 2" spacer and one 1.5" spacer, each came as a set of 2. If anyone plans on lifting the front of their E/M/T and also has the driver side lean, hit me up, I have a set for you!
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Re: 2011 SAP with small lift

Postby FRENCHY - October 19th, 2018, 6:55 am

Very nice and nice job :thumb: :thumb:
*2x Case of Molson Canadian
:thumb: :beer:
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Re: 2011 SAP with small lift

Postby bswindell - November 16th, 2019, 12:21 pm

I registered in this site just to say thanks!.. did everything except rear lift, and hub-centric spacer (might still do spacers) escape leveled out nice... thanks!
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Re: 2011 SAP with small lift

Postby bswindell - November 16th, 2019, 12:25 pm

I should note, my escapendid not have then gangsta lean or factory spacer... I only used the 2" spacers...
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