Sway Bar Disconnects!

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Sway Bar Disconnects!

Postby DarkStone06 - February 10th, 2020, 11:22 am


I just finished making sway bar disconnects to get more flex out of the front suspension on my '05 Tribute. It was a pretty easy project overall, and can be easily duplicated by almost anyone that's looking to improve off road performance on a budget. Step 1: weld the nut from the top link stud to the tab on the strut. Step 2: drill out the threads, then slide the sway bar link stud thru the nut, & squeeze it tightly with the wheels straight. Make sure it is tight up against the strut! Step 3: mark the stud where it meets the head of the nut welded on in step 1. Step 4: Remove the link, put the stud in a vice, or drill press, and drill a hole thru it in the exact spot marked in step 3. It is extremely important to drill the hole as straight as possible! Step 4.1: Now would be a good time to pop the boots off, & grease the joints. Step 5: reinstall the sway bar end link, and put a clip thru the hole drilled in Step 4. The link should be snug with no play with the pin installed. Step 6: Cut a few inches out of a rubber tie down, and bend the metal S hook so that one end will "snap" into the oval hole seen in the picture; pull on it from different angles to make sure it's secure. Punch a hole in each end of the strap with an ice pick, or small screw driver. Slip the rubber strap onto the hook, and put a large key ring with the hitch pin on the other end. You're done! Repeat these steps on the opposite side. Total cost of this project was $0.59 for 2 hitch pins. I also posted this under my Low Budget Off Road build thread, but thought it was worthy of it's own thread since I couldn't find where anyone else had done it.
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