Small lift / leveling kit / strut swap?

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Small lift / leveling kit / strut swap?

Postby mrfixit3000 - November 2nd, 2020, 11:23 am

I'll be the owner of a 2003 escape limited when it arrives, and I'm doing some homework on options to put some bigger all terrains on it. I have a set of 245/75/R16 on my trailblazer that I want to just move over, but I expect I may need a slight lift for that? I had a rough and country leveling kit put on the trailblazer, does the 2003 escape limited also have a lower front end than the rear end? By how much?

From what I'm reading, there's not a lot of good lift options or leveling kits other than cheap ebay ones that I'm not sure I would trust. What can you all tell me about products that are currently available and are actually safe / reliable?

Just thinking outside the box - would it be even remotely plausible to consider converting the struts to the ones from an explorer - where these kits are more commonly available?

I welcome any and all feedback from anyone with some experience and answers to my questions. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Small lift / leveling kit / strut swap?

Postby Tembrant - November 5th, 2020, 3:28 pm

A 1.5-2 inch Steel strut spacer would be your best bet, I've had my 2 inch spacer on for about a year and 15k miles without issues.!85234!US!-1

This is the most similar current listing to the one i purchased.

Otherwise The OME lift kit is a premium option
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