2004 HID fog light noise

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2004 HID fog light noise

Postby TDZ_Crisper - January 31st, 2021, 8:37 pm

So about a year ago I tried to put HID headlights in my '04 escape. Of course they didn't work at all, so I just put in the Silver Star Ultra headlights. The HID fog lights did work so I've just been running that combo.

I recently tried a set of LED headlights.
They actually gave me Low and High beam, but the high beam indicator would not come on and the HID fog lights didn't work anymore.

I found a post about how the 2001-2004 had a really weird head light wiring set up. I found another post about how to change the power to the fog lights to pull from the Illumination circuit with the add-a-fuse thingy. I just completed that and the HID fog lights work again, but they now sound like a stuck hog (and the high beam indicator still doesn't illuminate when in high beam).

1. Why are the HID fog lights making such a racket now?
(This is with the engine off and the running lights on. The fog lights work fine, but I'm scared to run them making that noise.)

2. How can I get the Hi-beam indicator to work so I easily know at a glance if my headlights are in the Low or High setting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I drive an hour and a half to work and 75% of the drive is on an old highway with no street lights.

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