RP4 Steering wheel controls

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Re: RP4 Steering wheel controls

Postby dps1982 - August 16th, 2020, 10:28 am

I got this working a few weeks ago. I called the support number for the RP4 interface. The person I spoke to suggested not using T-taps and instead to strip the wire, make a loop, and solder the connection. I stripped the wire and re-applied the T-tap and now its working. All the buttons are registering.

Now my main problem is that my Sony head unit doesn’t want to respond to the Voice button. According to the person I spoke to there are no Sony head units that accept a voice remote button. I had known that I may have chosen a different head unit.

I have a different problem with the screen illumination/dark setting that I will start in a new thread.

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