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Factory Sub "Buzz" During Jensen Head Unit Boot

December 27th, 2020, 6:48 pm

I was given a Jensen VX7020 head unit years ago out of my Aunts '04 Ford Escape and plugged it into my '06 Mercury Mariner. Everything was working fine including the factory sub until the radio gave out and fried the circuits a few weeks back

I swapped in a new Jensen VX7020 refurb that I purchased cheap. I'm not getting a buzz in the factory sub:
1. When the vehicle is running before the head unit has booted
2. When in reverse and the back-up camera is on.

The sub appears to be working fine in all other circumstances of radio function. Before I claim that the radio is faulty I want to verify that I didn't cause a problem during the re-installation. The radio is installed with a Metra 70-5521 harness AND AFDI-5V regulator (so I don't get the 12v start-up pop). Any ideas?

Re: Factory Sub "Buzz" During Jensen Head Unit Boot

January 10th, 2021, 12:13 am

Poor ground circut in the head unit likely. Jensen is more less entry level stuff. If anything try running a ground from the head unit chassis to a metal ground behind the head unit somewhere. If you have the bass turned way up or a subwoofer level setting up high that can do it to
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