Spare Stowage Winch Mechanism Replacement

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Spare Stowage Winch Mechanism Replacement

Postby Captain Chris - January 8th, 2021, 3:47 pm

OK, at this point, I actually have two 2008 Mariners.

I just bought a second one, in anticipation of sidelining the first one in spring, for repairs...

On first one, the spare tire/wheel 'winch' that stows the spare is rusted/frozen/broken, and needs replacement.

I haven't yet tested the spare tire stowing winch on second one, but, after 3 years' driving in Iowa, and 8 in Minnesota, it is looking pretty dang rusty...

Probably not going to order for a while: going to wait until warmer up here, and then try to soak the 'intact' mechanism with penetrating oil for a while: but it probably makes sense to do both while I am at it...

Second one IS drive-able, but, I juggled wheels (they are the same rim design), so my 'first' one has all the good rubber. (I'll spend more money on more tires after I replace the front control arms, and get an alignment done.)

Any recommendations on replacement parts for this winch mechanism?
Any tips on how to do it? (i.e. tips that might not be so obvious...)
Anything else I should be looking to do while I am under there?

Has anyone tired mounting a full-sized 16-inch rim&tire in the bay as your spare?
...I know it weighs more: if i did it, I would probably add a metal 'strap' to hold some of the weight; any other trouble?

Also, any recommendations on removing banded TPMS sensors, and getting stem-mounted TPMS sensors?

Thanks, guys!
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