07 Mariner v6 awd questions

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07 Mariner v6 awd questions

Postby Tempestwolf - February 12th, 2019, 11:36 pm

I just a new to me 07 mariner. i just got this truck used 150k miles. in mostly decent condition. needed a suv to last me a few years and since my friend has a 2010 with 180k and no real issues i said why not. anyways i am not familiar with these trucks mechanically. Im more of a VW guy lol. Anyways i never had to do a axle seal on any of my cars..

The only major issue and only leak on the whole Suv is the rear diff. Axle seals. Now i don't know what part i need . i look up axle seals and it has a trillion different seals Its The inner rear axle seals That are leaking on the rear diff. what is the proper seal i need???? and what is the proper tool to bang in the new seal? i know your supposed to lube it up before inserting it.
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