Front and rear squeaking noise

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Front and rear squeaking noise

Postby 16Escaper - September 10th, 2019, 11:33 pm

Hello everyone there's a noise that its driving me crazy on my wife's 16 Escape Titanium. I have replaced both tires and front and rear pads and rotors within the last 4 weeks. I am attaching of the squeaking noise I am getting from the front and rear when the car is stopped and i let go of the break and press again. Noise happening both when going forward and back.

I took the car into the dealership and they asked me to pick it up as they didn't find any issue. I thought it was a ball joint issue as I listened to a couple of youtube videos and it sounded similar to my issue. I had it inspected at the dealership but they told me it was not the ball joints/control arm but didn't check anything else '/. My guess is some sort of suspension issue but possible front and back at the same time? Many times it's louder than can be heard in the video and its not and on and off kind of thing, does this all the time, every time.

Please check the attached video, hopefully it helps. Thank you for your time and opinions.
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