2019 fwd 2.5 died one time, Cruise or TC?

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2019 fwd 2.5 died one time, Cruise or TC?

Postby Denise2018 - April 27th, 2021, 11:14 am

Very very weird! on a trip 700 miles one direction, one morning coming down a Long Hill in cruise control, came up on a light at a four-lane section of the highway, brake for stop light, engine bogged down conked out! (Seems like cruise control did not disengage, someone else suggested that it could be the torque converter) only 20K on the OD. There I was sitting in four lanes of traffic, angry drivers behind me, turned on the blinkers, somehow for some reason it did restart chugging enough to get it to the shoulder, turned everything off for a few mins then it restarted normally and it's been running normally ever since! with no more episodes seem like a one-time thing!

No check lights came on! no warnings! So I don't know what to tell the dealer when I take it in!

The only thing I did notice on the trip was the cruise control did not seem to work smoothly when coasting or coming off the interstate and slowing down.

And I am thinking was planning on driving this from east coast to West Coast!
Not feeling very comfortable with this one!
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